Saturday, 23 September 2017

Kaunas Versvu GymnasiumConcert

 A mixed Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium choir gave a 2 hour concert to school community-parents, teachers, students, friends. 
The choir "Allegro", teacher Laima Kaspareviciene, unites around 70 students of different age. 
Famous Lithuanian opera singer Egidijus Bavykinas was invited to participate in the concert and sang together with our choir.

Recreations of Classical Paintings VIII

Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium

Our Physical Education teacher Donata Vaicyte-Martinkiene has a wonderful ability to involve students at risk into field hockey. Thanks to her devoted and professional work there are boys' and girls' field hokey teams at Kaunas Versvu Gymnasium, that take part into numerous city and national competitions and has won lots of awards. 

This year 3 Donata's team boys Arturas Mikenas, Tautvydas Arlauskas and Nedas Lapenka were qualifies to Lithuanian national field hockey team U-16. Nedas Lapenka has been recognized as the best goal keeper in Lithuania.

Saturday, 9 September 2017


Opening of the photo exhibition at Kaunas Teachers' Qualification Center  on 07 09 2017